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Banner Advertising

Have Your Banners Displayed On Our ENTIRE Network Of Sites

Banner Advertising is one of the best ways to:

  • Get traffic to your site
  • Brand your site
  • Promote your site where whole pages are to large
  • Create Visual Promotion (instead of the plain text ads)
  • etc.

Don't get me wrong. Other ways to advertise are just as important, but make no mistake...

Banner Advertising Is A Must

I have gotten sales, yes sales, from folks who clicked on my banners. Now that doesn't happen everyday, but it does happen, and it just proves that you can't overlook banner advertising.

So what do we have for you?

Simple. We Will Rotate Your Banner On Our ENTIRE NETWORK OF SITES!

That's right. We will rotate your banner on EVERY site of our Online Resource Center Advertising Services Network.

Plus every site we add that we put banners on, YOUR Banners will rotate on those too.

Our Online Resource Center Advertising Services Network Includes These Sites:

Online Resource Center - Our main site with resources, articles, etc., all designed around helping internet marketers succeed.

Ad List Network - Over 200 safelists

Awesome List Host - Over 90 safelists

Best List Network - Over 100 safelists

Credit List Network - Over 70 credit based safelists

List Crazy Network - 100 safelists

Max Ad Submitter - Submitting to over 575 safelists with just one click, plus other features

Supreme Submitter - submit to our 70 credit based safelists with just one click, plus other features

My List Mail - Email Account Service with Auto-Validation to verify thousands of safelists. Designed for safelist email, and has automatic cleaning, etc.

Maximum Solo Sender - Contact Email Address Solo Sender

Supreme Solo Sender - Our other Contact Email Address Solo Sender

That's HUNDREDS of sites with literally THOUSANDS of pages, and YOUR banners will be rotated on them to be seen by THOUSANDS of visitors EVERY MONTH!

We rotate both 468 x 60 size banners as well as the 125 x 125 size banners.

We like to keep things simple and clean, so your banners will not get lost in a cluster of other banners. There will be a maximum of 2 banners on a page. One on the top and one on the bottom, and your banner will be rotated in both positions.

Check out our prices, order and put your banner advertising into OVERDRIVE!